About Us

Quail Run Hunt Club was born from our passion for quail hunting and bird dogs. Unfortunately quail populations in Oklahoma and other parts of the country have dwindled to nearly nonexistence over the past 10 years or so. Making it difficult if not impossible to consistently find enough birds to train dogs and definitely not enough birds to have good hunting.

Originally QUAIL RUN was set up as a private preserve for the owner, Dr. McCoy out of his passion for bird dogs and quail hunting. The best available consultants were hired to locate and develop a property that would come as close as possible to the GREAT OKLAHOMA WILD QUAIL HUNTING that once existed in Oklahoma.IT WORKED!!  We now have what we believe YOU will find is the closest thing to wild quail hunting in a preserve setting there is anywhere in the country.

With the persuasion of our staff and friends as well as the local dog handlers and hunters. We decided to become a commercial operation in order to PROMOTE THE SPORT OF QUAIL HUNTING AND BIRD DOGS and to give us a chance to make new friends and hopefully new BIRD HUNTERS.

We think you will find QUAIL RUN HUNT CLUB has the closest thing to the GOOD OLE DAYS OF QUAIL HUNTING in Oklahoma you will ever find. We hope you come visit us soon so we can make a new HUNTING BUDDY and show YOU the BEST QUAIL HUNTING IN OKLAHOMA.